Roasted Radishes In A Brown Butter Sauce


I like radishes being sprinkled with salt and then being dipped in a little butter. I once saw them being served in this way on a cooking programme. Then yesterday, I had this thought in my mind as to roasting them. I’ve never roasted radishes before, but after doing so realised they make a wonderful side dish.

What makes this dish, is the brown butter sauce that seeps into the white pores of the radishes and is released gently when bitten into. I know I will be making these again for sure. Especially on Sunday’s with our veggie roast!


Such a great colour, comforting warm taste and butter!…just love it! Watch out for my Fab 4 tomorrow…I’m so excited!!!
Have a beautiful day, Much love D x


1 bunch of red radishes
1 tbsp olive oil
Salt to taste
2 thin slabs of unsalted butter
Dried coriander leaves


• Preheat the oven to 190°c. Chop the green tops off the radishes and slice thickly lengthwise

• Place in a lined baking tray, sprinkle some salt and massage in the olive oil


• Roast for 20-25 minutes until radishes are tender

• Meanwhile in a thick skillet pan, melt the butter on a low heat and stir


The butter will start foaming


Brown speckles will appear quite quickly, once you see this the butter is ready. Take off the heat and set aside


• Once the radishes are roasted, place in a serving bowl. Pour over the brown butter sauce and delicately flutter dried coriander leaves on top to garnish





43 thoughts on “Roasted Radishes In A Brown Butter Sauce

  1. Raw tiny pink radishes always beckon me when I’m in my regular farmers market, but they are slightly hot on our palette. Now your idea of roasting them and then drowning in butter is brilliant. I’m trying it.

  2. I’ve tried this a couple of times as a subsitute for potatoes and enjoyed them. I used olive oil but love your idea of the brown butter sauce as that will get them a lovely taste. On the list of things to try!

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