Extreme Bite Size Brownies


I love brownies and I’m always trying to experiment and get recipes developed so that we get extreme funky brownies to eat.  This time in a mini way,  I have made some bite sized chocolate brownies!  Bit like an extreme shot of chocolate as you would an espresso to kick start your day!  This bite size beauty will satisfy your craving and the naughtiness is distributed well.


I still have lessened the amount of butter and sugar to make these a little more less guilt free.  I had a whole batch yesterday in a large tray, to make them thinner too.  I approached my kitchen this morning and half had already disappeared… Who IS the culprit? I will have to put my detective hat on and find out!!

Whilst I investigate, have a beautiful day, see you tomorrow friends, much love, D x



150g unsalted butter melted
150g plain chocolate pieces
65g plain flour
20g cocoa powder
2 large eggs
130g soft dark brown sugar
50g chocolate chips


Preheat oven to 180Β°c, grease a large rectangular baking tray and line with some grease proof paper

In a bowl, pour the melted hot butter onto the chocolate pieces and set aside so that the chocolate melts. Stir well and let the mixture cool down

Mix the eggs and sugar together until sugar has dissolved into the egg and is creamy

Pour in the chocolate mixture

Throw in the flour and cocoa and gently combine as not to overbeat and knock the air out and stir in the chocolate chips

Spread evenly into the tray and bake for 20-25 minutes until the top has set



Leave completely to cool and then slice into mini squares




30 thoughts on “Extreme Bite Size Brownies

  1. Very bad idea…anything I can fit in my mouth in one bite!!! They look marvelous, though, and give me lots of ideas for being creative with a variety of chocolate. Shame on you!!! However, I did just lose some weight so…maybe a dozen or so of these wouldn’t hurt???

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