Sharing Food with Shivaay Delights


I have just seen these gorgeous tricolour yummy veg and cheese balls made by the super talented Shikha Gupta!

The colours are synonymous to the flag of India, being Indian Independence Day tomorrow.Β  Online all friends are going orange, green and white crazy to celebrate.


Some recipes are so very innovative as is this one, I just want to reach out into my screen and grab each one!!! πŸ˜‰

For Shikha’s recipe please go to


14 thoughts on “Sharing Food with Shivaay Delights

  1. LOVE. But the moment I see ‘deep frying’ I know I must not. [sobs uncontrollably]
    Btw, Dimple: tonight I made your magical spaghetti pomodoro and it was is MAGICAL ! Oh, yum ! – and so incredibly EASY. I just need to add a bit of fibre – maybe some lentils ?

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