See My Kitchen ~ Thought For Thursday…


Totally agree with this…As I look back at my childhood, I remember nearly always being in the kitchen with all my family hovering around me.  I would sit at the breakfast bar on my assigned stool.  Not only to eat but to do my homework, revise, have my best friends round, enjoying a cup of coffee.

The kitchen is sooo the place to be! And without a doubt my most favourite room and space in the whole home!


This is the Shivaay Delights Kitchen!

Enjoy cooking in your little haven…I’m going in there now to lose myself in creating more food fun!

See you soon friends! Much love D x

19 thoughts on “See My Kitchen ~ Thought For Thursday…

  1. Absolutely agree Dimple!! I stil remember me and my brother sitting on the Kitchen counter with the plates ready for the next hot aromatic poori mom prepares with all the story tellings!! Thank you for reminding those good old days 🙂

  2. I have a small kitchen, which I re-decorated a few years ago. When I posted some photos I cleared off my counters…. believe me… my counters are NEVER cleared off. Tell me… did you do the same thing OR are your counters always so neat? LOL !! (You have a lovely kitchen!!)

  3. Absolutely true, when I was a kid , all of us would gather in the kitchen. They are just lovely moments 🙂 And Dimple, you have such a clean kitchen!! I should learn from you honey 😀

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