The Red Velvet Birthday Cake


My first ever red velvet cake for my husband’s birthday!  He recently told me he liked it so that then became the cake of choice.  To compliment the flavour I wanted to smother the cake in a light chocolate buttercream frosting and to add a little acidity and sharpness the frozen summer berries came into play.
My 3 year old greased the cake tins with his favourite brush whilst I whisked up the colourful batter.


I used a tried and tested batter recipe as it being the first time and especially for an occasion.  However the buttercream recipe is all mine…
Extremely delicious and minimal work.  The fruit and chocolate biscuit fingers make it that more glamorous, until my little one decided to stick his toy plastic dinosaurs right in the middle with the candle!  Well, after all it was for his Daddy!


The red velvet sponge part of the recipe can be found @


Light chocolate buttercream frosting


70g milk chocolate melted
100g butter or low fat butter spread softened
200g icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract


Beat the butter and icing sugar together


Add the vanilla extract and melted chocolate and combine well



Spread on the top of the cake, also in the middle of the 2 sponges and then all over

Place some frozen berries on the top.  Stick chocolate fingers around the side of the whole cake




I’m taking some of this cake with me to Angie’s Fiesta Friday Party over at the Novice Gardener come join us!


51 thoughts on “The Red Velvet Birthday Cake

  1. Hi
    Beautiful cake and recipe
    Will try soon.
    One question -from where did you buy fresh raspberry and blackberry,have been searching for these from ages!

  2. Wonderful birthday cake. I just made a red velvet cake as well, it’s a family favorite. The fruit is nice. I love berries and cake in the summer. And of course the dinosaur makes it even better. Our boys try to add things to Daddy’s cake too, usually toy airplanes!

  3. Happy Fiesta Friday, Shivaay!! You have made such a beautiful cake! Red velvet, buttercream, berries, and plastic dinosaurs!! No wonder the FF crowd are all wanting a slice. I hope you are enjoying the party and the costumes this week!!

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