A Broad Bean & Rice Soup


A broadbean and summery spinach soup! Ummm laced with rice and garlic..love this! Enjoy friends!

Shivaay Delights


“Start as you mean to go on!”, well that is the saying! I’ll try, but I can’t promise to be really healthy all the time. I do intend to make more healthy foods and enjoy them in many different ways, so come explore with me in 2014!

Broadbeans!!! Ummmm not one of my favourite things until very recently! They have always been around me and making an appearance as my Dad just loves them. I used to pick them out from anything my Mum used to make with them in it. My Dad’s plate came in extremely handy and he loved them being passed over to him.

So what’s changed? I really don’t know, maybe my palette has transformed and I’m quite enjoying them now. Strange what taste buds do in our life times!


This soup is an interesting combination of luscious healthy greens plus rice that I just adore!…

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