Comfort in a sub…I get it now!


My little one is unwell and we all need to turn something to comfort us.  This veggie meatball sub seems to do the trick in this household.  Juicy  succulent veggie meatballs soaked in a tasty tomato and garlic sauce.  Lots of melted cheese oozing everywhere….oh my gosh! My idea of comfort heaven

Have a look at My Yummylicious Veggie Meatball Sub Sandwich

Hopefully he will be better soon and I’ll be back in the kitchen developing, writing and cooking up more recipes for us all

Until then, enjoy your day!

Much love D x

26 thoughts on “Comfort in a sub…I get it now!

  1. Hope the little guy is feeling better soon. Nothing like a sick child to throw everything off. I had to take my oldest to the ER the other day and am still recovering.

  2. I love meatballs, and use lots of ground beef so have been trying to cut back this looks like a great substitution!

  3. My last comment just went right through, I have a very touchy screen board but I do Hope this cheers him up, it certainly would make me happy 🙂

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