Coconut Bounty Bites

I’ve been thinking about these and picturing them in my mind for a whole week. Mia has made them come to life! I had to share and I can’t wait to make them!

Beautiful recipe Mia..Thanks so much!

Love D


IMG_1138Bounty make me think of sea and summer, the soft coconut centre surrounded by hard chocolate is a perfect sunny day indulgent. The ice cream versions are even more delicious, I just can’t not devour a whole box. As I prefer savoury to sweet, I find a whole bar can be a bit sickly cause they’re so sweet, so these bites are a perfect sweet treat. Plus with the ingredients the sweetness is at its lowest as the maple syrup is the only added sweetener. It’s like a truffle and the dusting of cocoa would fancy them up if you want to share them with guests … although I doubt there would be any left to share.

For this you will need – coconut oil, dessicated coconut, maple syrup, coconut cream.

-blend together all the ingredients until well combined and the dessicated coconut is fine. Roll into small balls and…

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