Lemon melting moments


I was 11 and in primary school when our teacher gave us an assignment, which I’ll never forget!

She took out a bag of lemon sherbets and gave one to all of us in the class. The teacher was very innovative as this was part of an English lesson. Upon her instructions we were told to open the wrapper and have the sherbet and to mentally record the flavours, sensations and the effect it was having on our tongue. We were then told to open our exercise books and write a description of the effect the lemon sherbet had had on our palette.


I enjoyed this lesson extremely! Especially as we were treated to a sweet which was tantalising, sweet, sour and the sherbert bounced around on my tongue when the lemon boiled sweet cracked and the bubbling sherbert seeped! It was then that my love for all lemony things had begun.

You will find that I will explore lemon as a main ingredient in many of my recipes as I love it so. These lemon melts are deliciously soft and crumbly. With the lemon icing sandwiching the cookies together for a sweet treat, that goes wonderfully with a lovely cup of tea!

This great recipe is at: ~
all recipes melting moments with lemon icing


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