Just Grapes?!!


Yup…Just grapes, “seriously I’m not kidding you!” As my 3 year old has been saying to me recently! As it gets hotter here in the UK, these frozen grapes are perfect to snack on, ideal to cool down drinks (especially in a glass of white wine). For all ages, an instant ice creamy treat with all natural goodness!

I just love them!


You’ll need two things to make this happen…well three..some grapes, a bowl and a freezer!



Wash the grapes, place in a bowl and place in the freezer for a few hours or over night and “Ta~da!” Hey presto…yummy, cold, frozen little ovals of delight!


☆ Put some grapes in the freezer now…and let me know how you like them…
Can’t wait to hear from you all. Have a refreshing day, chat soon. Much love, D x

39 thoughts on “Just Grapes?!!

  1. Love this Dimple! Will get some grapes while I am out today – it is just the weather for frozen ones – maybe sliced in half so that they flavour the water in the jug as they defrost…yes and making something simple a little difficult!!

  2. I love frozen grapes! They’re the best treat on a hot summer day when you want something cold and sweet but don’t want to ruin your diet! 😉

  3. I love frozen grapes in a glass of white wine. They are also a big hit with my sons soccer team, perfect snack at game time. 🙂 It has been awhile since I brought any to the games. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. This is such a great idea Dimple! I haven’t eaten frozen grapes before but I have heard of them! I can even imagine throwing them into a drink as fruit ‘ice cubes’ (and extra yummy treats to eat whilst drinking!). Lovely photos too! x

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