Pineapple, artichoke and jalapeño spring rolls

These spring rolls look extraordinary!!! 🙂


pineapple jalapeno spring rolls

Ah Summer… the only time of year when I lose weight without trying. Beach, pool, jogging, hiking with my dog, lazing in the sun and—best of all—eating loads of vegetables and fruit. Because they are what you want to eat in the Summer, not creamy corn chowder or lentil and goat cheese lasagna or curried pumpkin and apple soup. (Just a random selection of foods I thought I would not be in the mood for right now except that they all sound good anyways). All this garden produce food just looks so beautiful, colorful and hey-hey-hey-healthy.

The flavors of these spring rolls are right on the money (especially with a margarita). Don’t leave them sitting around too long as they get wet and start to loosen up and sag a little. Make sure you have a homemade peanut sauce for dipping.

Pineapple, artichoke and jalapeño spring rolls
makes 10 spring…

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