Our Weekend In Pictures…


Bowling with the little ones!  They had so much fun, but my 3 year old’s fashionable bowling shoes kept slipping off! Lol 🙂


Lunch at a delicious American diner…of Mediterranean Vegetarian burger with crunchy fries, relish and mayonnaise. 


Not forgetting the refreshing frozen Margarita I chose…looks like snow but tastes divine!


Baked some fudgy brownies for dessert, recipe coming up soon x


A nature walk in the park,  surrounded by stunning lakes and trees

Lunch at the cafe that has incredible light middle eastern meals…falafels, halloumi, flatbreads….And now at home going to make some paneer shashlik, ready to prep and take photos


Hope you’re all having a restful weekend…see you tomorrow, much love D x

9 thoughts on “Our Weekend In Pictures…

  1. How fun! I love bowling! I’m terrible at it, but I love it!! 😉 Your food looks so yummy! Can’t wait to see your brownie recipe! xo

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