Shivaay Delights Sharing Super Blogs


This week I have gone Egg crazy! I love to eat eggs and what better way than to showcase them off in a variety of dishes and include them in my Fab Four blogs of the week!

I start off with the super talented Karinna from “Cheesy Biscuit”, her wonderful array of recipes and dishes will have you mesmerized! Especially her love for Rhubarb! which I am yet to try in my recipes and I’m always inspired when I see many of Karinna’s gorgeous and vibrant pink coloured treats. Thank you for all your support honey! I’m putting rhubarb on my shopping list now!


Such an elegant dish, as is everything Karinna makes…

One dish I have to try this weekend for Sunday Brunch is “Italian baked eggs”. Seriously Italian my favourite cuisine and you know about my love of eggs! This recipe is to die for! By “Happiness and Hominy”. A bright, clear and perfect blog with mouthwatering recipes, go by have a look, stay a while and spread the word! Enjoy!


Here comes Amber @ “Om nom nom, eats and treats” don’t you just love that title! A funky foodie blog, one that cheers me up, everytime I visit. In her own words, “I am one of the horrific people still left in this world who cooks based on “ooo, that sounds tasty!” and not on calorie counts.  I think you will find that my diet is horrible, but delicious.”


Lets eat tasty food and you’ll be sure to find that at Amber’s blog!

Natalie over @ F yea, I’m a chef is a skilled baker and I totally loved the simplicity of her quick rice bowl recipe, of course with a glowing egg seated on top!
Simple, concise and lovely food and drink. Her simple caramel syrup for cold coffee is just too gooood! I can’t wait to make a whole pitcher full!


I hope you all enjoy these brilliant blogs…as I do! But for now have a gorgeous weekend and I’ll see you soon @ Shivaay Delights with more food, food ,food! Much love D x


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