Peri-peri spicy masala chips


A really lip smacking chips masala that I think allows the ordinary though much loved potato chip come to life!

A masala so moreish that you won’t be able to stop once you’ve started! For all those “Nando’s” lovers out there this peri peri mix likens itself to their famous seasoning! And the best thing is you can have as much as you want as you can mix up some more!


I’m bringing this super duper spice mix to Angie’s awesome party over @ The Novice Gardener!…let’s all sprinkle and shake those chips to the music being played! 🙂


1 tsp smoked paprika
1 tsp garlic granules
1/2 tsp salt
3/4 tsp dried coriander
Fresh lemon juice
(Cayenne pepper optional)

2 plates ready made hot crispy chips ~ I oven bake mine so that they are more healthy!


• Throw in all the seasoning ingredients into a non stick plate


• Mix well, add the chips and coat well with the masala and finally squeeze a little lemon juice. You can skip the lemon if you want the chips to remain crisp! But I love how it lifts the spices!



76 thoughts on “Peri-peri spicy masala chips

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  3. I have zero resistance against this. Guaranteed favourite in my house; I’m sharing the recipe in Twtter and Facebook!

  4. You know I could have done with this a few days ago as I cooked a chicken curry and was trying to think of something to jazz some potatoes with. Hrrrm I have already scrapbooked this, it looks great, could almost be a starter too! hehe and great with salad.

    Thank you for a fab dish and I hope you are having a great time at the party, here is a glass of bubbly and feel free to wiggle and jiggle to some party music!

    Justine (one of the Co Hosts whoopeee)

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  6. These chips look fabulous, nice and crispy and spicy! I just watched a cooking show called Chopped and one of the challenge was creating a dish using peri-peri. Thank for sharing:)

  7. OMG Dimple – my mouth has been watering since I saw your post on FaceBook! I had no idea that the spice blend could be so easy – that smoked paprika has a lot to answer for! I would definitely have the chips with a squeeze of lemon or lime – yum!

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