Lovely treats…

We are having a very busy weekend, lots of fun and festivities.  Wedding, dressing up, eating and shopping!  My kind of weekend!  I was lucky to pick up a few treats on the way…


Bargain buy £60 to £24! Wooohoooo!!! So pretty and a lovely light scent…

Lunch outside after a trip to the park.  Grilled halloumi cheese with salad encased in a warm flat bread and chunky chips!


And to round it off,  a crisp mint flavourful box of chocolates!  I’ve been craving mint and chocolate for a while.  I think it will satisfy me for now but I will have to bake something minty and chocolatey soon too!


Lunch, perfume and chocolates, feel like a princess! 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, see you tomorrow, much love D x


16 thoughts on “Lovely treats…

  1. Wow, looks like you are having a fantastically fun weekend Dimple! Love the goodies and the henna! I had that done once for my good friend’s wedding. I loved it! So amazed at how steady and fast the ladies are at drawing those lovely designs. 🙂

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