Fresh Baby Leaf Spinach & Garlic Penne


Yesterday I had a really busy day! It was go go go! It was also very warm here in the UK so I didn’t really fancy anything too heavy to eat! We had some fresh baby spinach leaves in the fridge to be used and my husband decided to take control in the kitchen. Yay! dinner was going to be made for me! Wooo hooo! Whilst I carried to clean up after the kids….

I was treated to an aromatic and extremely tasty penne pasta salad with bright green spinach and glorious garlic running through it. Enough garlic to compliment the spinach and chilli flakes to lift the oil dressing. One pasta recipe I know I will be wanting again and again…Thanks H, lots of love xx


1 packet of baby leaf spinach
3~4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
4 cloves garlic minced
1 tsp dried oregano
Salt to taste
Dried red chilli flakes optional
Pre cooked fresh penne upon instruction


Gently heat the garlic with the olive oil, mix and combine the oregano so that it infuses into the oil

Stir in the penne, making sure all the pasta is covered in oil. Season with salt, mix.
Tear in our roughly slice the fresh baby spinach leaves

Turn off the heat, sprinkle in the red chilli flakes and the spinach will wilt a little as you toss the pasta

Serve up with some grated parmesan or in my case some grated mature cheddar to add a sharpness to the dish



43 thoughts on “Fresh Baby Leaf Spinach & Garlic Penne

  1. Looks soooo delicious Dimple!!! Might have to show my husband your post as I am unable to cook for the next couple of days due to a small accident at the bank involving my hand being rammed and jammed in a heavy iron door a couple of days ago! xx

  2. Awesome recipe Dimple and beautiful image as usual. Will try it sometime soon. But will have to replace baby spinach (don’t get it here in the market) with normal one, I guess.

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