Instant Chilli Cheese Garlic Bread!


All of you by now will know that, when I get a craving for something, there is no stopping me. I listen to my body when wanting certain foods. But have to control the naughty cravings! 😉 For example I find that if I’m craving oranges or something orange flavoured, I’m lacking in Vitamin C or a cold could be pending. I got in tune with my body a lot at the time I was pregnant. You feel free to eat almost whatever you want and I felt my body was literally communicating with me via cravings.

I would picture, say a passion fruit and could already yearn for it on my palette, and that actually did happen. My husband and I were driving back from my friends place and I was about 7 months pregnant. I told him to stop the car at the parade of shops and see if he could buy me some passion fruit from the green grocers. The best he could do was a sour hitting can of sparkling passion fruit juice. He had bought me a six pack knowing that I would want more! He knows me too well! Lol!


Here I am sharing with you all, some cheesy chilli garlic bread that was the result of a craving I was having for garlic bread and how it worked wonders..always simple but extremely satisfying…give it a go!


Plain mini pitta breads
Garlic granules
Cheddar or mozzarella cheese grated
Red chilli flakes or fresh green chilli chopped finely


~ Warm up the pitta bread in a toaster of grill, both sides

~ Spread lashings of butter on the pitta and sprinkle with fine garlic granules according to taste, I love garlic! Top off with a whole lot of cheese and melt under the grill

~ Final touch add chilli flakes or green chilli. Now tuck in! I’m going to make myself some more!