Corn On The Cob With Garlic Butter & Lime


I always find myself coming back from my parents home with bags and bags full of food and goodies. My Mum and Dad can’t help themselves but to pack me up lots and lots of stuff! In my goodie bag this week I had some sweet corn and last night had the perfect opportunity to quickly cook and season it for a light dinner.

So simple as dimple as it may seem! ;)…my husband and I really enjoyed the sweetcorn dressed in a salty yet sour dressing with traces of garlic aroma and taste mingling away with the butter and lime

Quickly go get yourself some corn on the cob and try this today! Have a sweet and day! Enjoy! Much love D x

Lime & Garlic Butter Corn On The Cob


2 corn cobs in quarters
2 tbsp low fat butter spread
1 level tsp garlic granules
1 lime
Salt to taste


Cook the corn on the cob quarters in some boiling water 4 15 to 20 minutes or until the kernels are tender


Meanwhile mix the butter with the garlic granules combine well as a little salt if you wish at this stage to it


Once the corn is done, carefully spread the garlic butter all over a cob and then drench in fresh lime juice. Sprinkle more salt if you wish