Shivaay Delights…Sharing Super Blogs!


I want to show my appreciation to my fellow foodie blogger friends,  for all the support and love they give to me on a regular basis.  Awards are lovely but I really wanted to show off individual creations from these wonderful cooks.  So today starts the first of many Sharing Super Blogs posts and fantastic food creations…

I start off with Prudy from Butter, Basil and Breadcrumbs…a beautiful person and an amazing cook.  She has a variety of foods that she posts and her skills are endless.  A beautiful lay out of her blog, especially the characterized cook busy in the kitchen entices you to come back and see what more Prudy has been cooking and baking away.  I particularly love this recipe that I saw this week from Prudy…


Looks so delish…I posted it on my Facebook page and so many people have loved it too…Strawberry Banana & Cheesecake Splits…Thanks for always being there Prudy…x

The pretty Lillian over @ Sugar and Cinnamon is a very talented pattisier who not only tries to make healthy versions of her favorite desserts but tries her hand at Vegan recipes plus she herself is lactose intolerant.  This doesn’t stop her.  Lillian never fails to amaze me with the range and variety of desserts she creates and posts.  I like Sugar and Cinnamon and you can see that in my recipes but I love Lillian’s “Sugar and Cinnamon” blog!


A stunning picture showcasing Lillian’s Chocolate & Coconut Tarts.  How can you resist them???

Next is amazing Amruta..who is over @ Minty Chai…love the blog name, as I love mint and can’t do without my chai! In her own words “Cooking and baking is my favorite way to unwind and photography is a hobby I developed as I travelled around and wanted to capture the world from my perspective.” And boy does she capture it well. You must see her outstanding photography…here is just a snippet


This extremely elegant Fig And Mascarpone Tart had me at the fact that the figs are homegrown! Wow…How I would love to grow such exquisite fruit…The flavour combination is superb and I for one can’t wait to make it!

I have recently started following the lovely Farianti over @ Simple Delights..I absolutely adore her simple style of cooking and the delights she creates are too good not to be shared. You all know my love for Nutella, so when I saw this Nutella Filled French Toast recipe…my mouth was watering just by looking at the pictures


Follow Farianti and you will be introduced to delightful recipes and such a kind person. Thank you for your support for Shivaay Delights!

So here you have my Fab Four for the week and I will be back next week with some more incredible fellow blogger friends that I wish to show off and thank!
Have yourselves an exciting Easter break, much love D x

40 thoughts on “Shivaay Delights…Sharing Super Blogs!

  1. This is a beautiful post Dimple. So, so good to support other blogging friends and share their gorgeous creations! I’m drooling over that nutella french toast. I want to try the recipe asap! Yum. Happy Easter, thanks for filling us in on these beautiful delights xx

  2. Words cannot express love and appreciation that I have for you, Dimple. Honestly…thank you so much for featuring my blog in your Super Blog post… and I am truly honored to be one of the first to be presented. I’m so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful and loving blogging community. And truly honored to call you my friend… Thank you.. ❀

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  4. I had no idea you have featured my blog on your post! Thank you very much! I checked out some other blogs featured here too and there are some interesting recipes. Thank you for taking me deeper into the food-lovers’ world!

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