It Took A While…


Omelettes in our family are so important! As are eggs!  I love cooking with them and maybe that’s why I love baking! Though I have yet to create some eggless baking recipes for our vegan friends…don’t worry I haven’t forgotten you..

My omelette story starts off when I was 5-6 years old and I remember being excited when Dad was at home first thing.  He did shift work so it was a great to see him and I knew we would be in for a treat!

He would wake up early and whilst we were getting ready for school, he would be busy making us omelettes.  Simply with egg a little spice and seasoning, rolled up with tomato ketchup inside!  A very fond memory! My brother made me cheese and onion omelettes with chips when I was pregnant…ooh how I craved them!!! And when my second baby came along, all I ate were omelettes again!!


I yet hadn’t perfected my omelette until my Mum bought me my tiny tefal omelette pan!  Just one egg cooked in this pan came out so thick and fluffy…
So here it is my quick 1 egg cheese omelette.  Something sooo simple but something I want to share and record for my boys!

Have a beautiful day and I will see you tomorrow, much love D x


1 fresh free range egg
1 tbsp milk
Grated mature cheddar cheese
Salt to taste
Pinch of turmeric
⅓ tsp ground coriander & cumin powder
¼ tsp cayenne/paprika powder
½ tbsp olive oil


• Preheat the olive oil in a small frying pan on a low heat

• Crack the egg, add in the milk and with a fork whisk to combine

• Throw in the cheese, season and spice with the rest of the ingredients and whisk until it foams a little

• Gently pour into the frying pan.  Let it set and then flip over with a spatula.  Cook for a couple of minutes and it should have risen and will be all fluffy

• Plate up and enjoy on its own with ketchup like me or as a sandwich filling!


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