Ice In A Pink Paradise…


I am missing dear Fae @Twist & Tango as she cant make it to the party today I thought I would bring one of her beautiful dishes that I made to the Fiesta Friday party Fiesta Friday Party
over at the lovely Angie’s!

Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did…forever grateful to the fabulous Fae and thank you to Angie for always being such a wonderful host! Have a gorgeous weekend!

Much love, D x

Shivaay Delights


One of my amazing fellow food bloggers who I hold in very high esteem who has encouraged me from the very beginning of my blogging, has inspired me for this post. Fae @ Twist and Tango very recently posted a recipe for Ice In Paradise/Yakh Dar Behesht. A sweet Persian dessert that I fell in love with straight away. I knew I had to make it once I had seen it!

I had all the ingredients to go, apart from the clear rose water but I had a dark pink rose syrup that I used in its place. Which now makes it ice in a pink paradise! I have halved the original recipe, as it’s just for my family!

So beautiful and so very elegant, the creaminess of the diamond chilled delicacy just melts in your mouth. Thank you Fae for introducing me to this gorgeous dessert! And for all…

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24 thoughts on “Ice In A Pink Paradise…

  1. Oh Dimple! I can just smell the rose water and pistachios!! This is such a lovely, elegant dish to bring to Fiesta Friday! Too bad Fae has gone overseas and can’t join us! I’m sure she would love a little taste of your tribute!

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  3. Awww! So sweet! I miss Fae, too! I was planning to send her a message, but I got so occupied the past few days! Btw, these treats look delicious! Thanks for bringing them to the fiesta!

  4. A beautiful addition to the party table at FF#10. The pink makes it such a pretty spring colour. I have been working my way through Fae’s Persian desserts. Can’t wait to try this one!

  5. Darling Dimple, hello from Singapore. I had a few minutes to check my messages and also was curious to see what is happening at the Fiesta. After seeing this entry, I had to leave you a message. You are truly a Precious Lady. Thank you for your kind comments and I miss you too. Hugs, Fae.

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