Mini Mature Cheddar & Cayenne Scones


Sharing a chilli and cheese snack sensation! Warning! These mini scones are very moreish! Enjoy! Much love D x

Shivaay Delights


I love cheese and I love chilli! I’m always craving that combination! So I thought as it goes extremely well together, that I can make up a recipe for these two ingredients as a traditional savoury scone.

I made mini scones so didn’t feel guilty having one! You get the strong taste of the mature cheddar with a delicate hint of chilli which hits your taste buds right at the end. They nicely spiced up my palette after all the yummy sweetness I enjoyed over Christmas! Hope you enjoy them!


200 g self raising flour
50g butter
60 g mature cheese
150 ml milk
Pinch of salt
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
A little milk to brush the scones



• Pre heat oven 220c/425f/gas mark 7
Mix flour,pepper and salt. Rub in the butter

• Add cheese and bind with milk to form a soft dough

• Lightly flour…

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