A Refreshing Take On Bhel


Bhel is a savoury Indian snack, and is a type of chaat. It is made out of puffed rice, vegetables and a tangy tamarind sauce.  Traditionally you can include chickpeas, potatoes, onion and date chutney too.  However my husband has always had his own take for a quick delicious snack fix.

Normally he would just chop some tomato, onion and coriander and combine with Indian snacks such as Bombay Mix, Chevdo or sev.  This version he made, was so nice! That it had to be shared! Extremely refreshing with the choice of herbs especially the mint.  Spicy with the addition of chilli and also a little warmth that hits the back of the throat from the tasty radishes.


I haven’t put measurements up for this chaat mix as you can add or omit as you prefer and this way you can make as much as you want!  I had a massive bowl full!  Ok..no! We shared it ;). I’m still trying to be good! Lol!

Perfect for a party as a snack or even simply to nibble on with drinks!  The sun is out today and I can feel it’s going to be a stunning Sunday!  Have a beautiful day and I will see you all tomorrow!  Much love D x



Red onion
Red chilli
Fresh mint
Fresh coriander
Indian crispy snacks
Amchur/mango powder
Tamarind chutney


• Finely chop all the vegetables and herbs


• In a large salad bowl mix the Indian snacks equally and add the chopped ingredients to the bowl




• Mix well, squeeze in some fresh lemon juice to taste.  Sprinkle in some amchur powder and mix in a little tamarind chutney





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