Amazing Food Finds!


I have looked this up and in 2010, some research was done and proved that red onion helps get rid of unwanted cholesterol but helps with good cholesterol! I think it’s time to buy more red onions and create more yummy salads for me! Yay!


So when you’re craving fruity sweets, why not reach out for nature’s sweets. So colourful and full of goodness!


I really have to start using all of these super life changing foods and drinks! Lemon water, I’ve heard first thing in the morning is a must! I will definitely be starting tomorrow morning!


Eat these foods together and make the most of Nature’s Synergie, connection and benefits of food available to us!

29 thoughts on “Amazing Food Finds!

      • Garlic is something I keep in my kitchen at all times. If I even get close to running low, I panic…LOL So happy you discovered the benefits of red onions. xo

  1. Didn’t know about the red onions, I will have to start buying some and incorporate them on my recipes! Same goes for Kale; and I have just been to the market and noticed they had it there…it won’t escape me next time! Thank you for all the info and tips, very nice! πŸ™‚

  2. I always drink lemon water, it’s my favorite! Thanks for all the info! I love most of these fresh veggies!! Always good to know what’s best for you!! πŸ™‚ xo

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