More Pancakes & A Piquant Pomelo Salad


I always have my pancakes with sugar and lemon. Well I would! Wouldn’t I? As my love affair with lemons continue! lol

This time I went savoury and spread lush layers of fresh cream cheese with chives and sweet cherry tomatoes.  The pancakes themselves also appeared to have a party in the pan as they rose and puffed up whilst I was cooking them!


Such a quick and easy recipe to remember and the addition of melted butter really gives the pancakes a slight richness before we are to fill the pancakes with even yummier things!


I also had a pomelo grapefruit salad with the pancakes which was a delightful combination of fruit, cheese and chilli!  Sweet, salty, sour and hot in one mouthful! Extraordinary! Will be making this again!


1 cup plain flour
1 cup milk
2 free range eggs
1 tbsp melted butter
Pinch of salt
A little cold water

Sunflower oil


• Throw in all the ingredients into a large mixing bowl apart from the butter and water


• Whisk until smooth, pour in the melted butter, whisk to combine and add a few tablespoons of water to thin the batter a little

• Preheat a small non stock frying pan with a little oil on a low to medium heat  Gently place a ladle of batter into the pan and swirl around to cover the pan surface and thin the pancake out


• Flip the pancake as it starts to come away from the sides,  turn over to cook both sides until golden brown with speckles



• Use any filling of your choice, sweet or savoury, or both!!
I had mine with low fat cream cheese with chives and cherry tomatoes


Pomelo Side Salad

Pomelo segmented without skin
Cherry tomatoes halved
Chilli seed mix
Chilli flakes
Grated Cheddar cheese



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