Garlic Butter & Spinach Parathas


It’s Shrove Tuesday!  And I have always been excited about this particular Tuesday of the year! It’s PANCAKE DAY! 

I have loved it ever since I can remember.  From when my primary school teacher flipped some pancakes in the classroom and it got stuck to the ceiling to my mum and me making them at home!  I love mine with sugar and lemon always and we will be making some today for sure.  I bet chocolate will feature somewhere in my little one’s filling selection!  They will be posted soon..

But for now you are going to be treated to Parathas.  Sneaky spinach Indian flatbread with garlic butter!  Umm spinach will be nice for pancakes! Ok I just seem to have pancakes on the brain lol!

Have a lovely day and enjoy your pancakes! Much love D x



180g Baby spinach
200g Chapatti flour
1 tbsp sunflower oil
½ tsp salt
1 tsp coriander & cumin powder
Garlic butter(butter + garlic granules)
oil for shallow frying
Extra flour for rolling


• In a food processor blitz the spinach with the oil,  throw in the seasoning and add flour gradually until all combined


• Pour in a little boiling water gradually as the processor brings the dough together.  The dough formed will be soft and pliable


• Knead the dough a little and seperate into tablespoon amount balls

• Roll a ball out on a clean floured surface to about 4-5cm diameter

• Spread a little garlic butter in the centre of the round, seal with flour, roll out again gently to 6-7cm




• Place in a pre heated non stick frying pan.  Once it starts to bobble flip over,  with a spoon spread a little oil on this side.  Cook for 2-3 minutes.  Lastly turn over and cook again on the other side.  Brown speckles and spots will appear.  This is then cooked and repeat for the rest of the dough




47 thoughts on “Garlic Butter & Spinach Parathas

  1. They look delicious, Dimple! Thanks for this recipe. Can you please tell me what is the difference between a normal flour and chapatti flour?

  2. looks great, wish I could order some at your house 😦 – what is chapati flour Dimple? Gram flour? special kind of flour? enlighten me please. Thx. Oh and happy pancake day!

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