Easy Hummus Recipe

Have a look friends! The lovely Radhika @ Sugar n Spice made a hummus based on my Smoked Paprika & Lemon Hummus! Go visit her blog it has some gorgeous recipes x

This Lebanese dip goes perfectly with everything and is so so easy to make! A few basic ingredients and you have a fancy appetizer ready!

Easy Hummus Recipe without tahini

Lebanese food is in rage these days, from shwarmas to falafel, people are going crazy about it. Hummus with pita breads is a popular appetizer at restaurants and I wanted to replicate that flavor at home. Until about a few days back I thought one needs tahini to make hummus but I was wrong. When I saw Dimple’s Smoked Paprika and Lemon Hummus post, I was stunned to discover that hummus could be made without tahini. Tahini is a sesame seed paste which is ideally used in making hummus but skipping it won’t make a lot a of difference, in fact no difference at all.

I love hummus and who wouldn’t, its a refreshing healthy dip which is ready in a jiffy. Its made with…

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2 thoughts on “Easy Hummus Recipe

  1. So the first comment was sent by mistake, I still have loads to say!

    Thanks a ton Dimple for the re-blog! How very sweet of you! Your recipe was amazing, I think everyone should give it a try! Loved the flavor, the texture and everything about it! Two thumbs up!

    Much Love,
    Radhika xx

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