The Ultimate Grilled Cheese & Tomato Roll


Cheese and tomato for me is totally a heavenly combination. I could just chomp on chunks of mature cheddar and juicy succulent tomatoes!
No wonder I fancied it yesterday again!

I saw a light wholegrain roll sitting there on the kitchen top, with my clean frying pan fresh out of the dishwasher, only one thing came to mind! I pictured a grilled cheese roll and with the abundance of cherry tomatoes I had recently bought, I was so not going to pass up the chance to have this gorgeous lunch!


It took not even 10 minutes before I had this grilled thing of beauty in my hands. But the only thing I regret is not having another roll to devour a second. Rolls are on my shopping list! I must not forget!


1 soft roll white/wholegrain
Mature cheddar thin slices
4 cherry tomatoes halved
Dried oregano


• Slice the roll in half. Spread butter lightly on one side and mayonnaise lightly on the other

• Layer some cheese on one side of the base of the roll and place tomatoes on top and sprinkle oregano


• Cover and bring the roll together

• Heat up the frying pan on a medium heat. Spread a little butter on the filled roll.
Carefully place into the frying pan so that it toasts up


• Flip over holding the roll and its contents in place. Once toasted on both sides, layer some more slices of cheese on top of the roll and press firmly



• Place the toasted roll in tne grill on a medium heat. Take out after a few minutes or until the top cheese coating has melted



32 thoughts on “The Ultimate Grilled Cheese & Tomato Roll

  1. This looks utterly amazing. Just one question: from your gorgeous photos, it appears that the tomatoes still have thier delicious juices and seeds and I wondered if thos creates a soggy texture to the roll as you sear it in the pan?

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