Valentine Swirly Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bark

How about this swirly fruit and nut chocolate bark for your lovely Valentine?

Shivaay Delights


I love Marbling! I love the concept! Especially when I was young and you got to marble and dye white t shirts in school! I find it fascinating when you cut through a marble cake where all the vanilla and chocolate sponge is entwined into one another.

So I used this marbling technique to make some chocolate bark for Diwali and the new year we celebrate. I couldn’t go without making something sweet like this for my first diwali post.


My little one was extremely eagar to help me?!! I wonder why? He sat on the work surface and watched tentatively at the whole bark making process. The only thing he had his eye on, was the shiny silver spoon smothered in melted chocolate! I gave in and he enjoyed licking the spoon clean!


Ps ~ If he wasn’t there I would have done the same lol!


200g plain…

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