Cherry Tomato Spaghetti In 15 Minutes


Recently I’ve been under the weather and the only thing that will truly cheer me up is a large bowl of fresh tomato spaghetti. But the thing is when I want spaghetti, I want it now! The same goes for my 3 year old who now thinks I am Samantha from
“Bewitched” who can just twitch her nose and magically his spaghetti appears! So I have a lot to live up to lol! Didn’t you just love that show? Ironically I used to sit and watch it, devouring a bowl of spaghetti hoops when I was young!


This extremely easy and homely recipe is soooo goooooood! I cook the fresh cherry tomatoes first and make it into a sauce, only then to cook the spaghetti in that very sauce! OMG! The results are silky, satin spaghetti draped in a juicy explosion of tomato and garlic flavours. Plus you get instant spaghetti! How you want it! When you want it! So I have a happy 3 year old and a happy me!



1 tbsp olive oil
¼ tsp dried red chilli flakes
3 garlic cloves minced
10 cherry tomatoes halved
⅓ tsp dried oregano
½ vegetable stock
Salt to taste
1½ cup boiling water
Dried spaghetti for 2


• Heat the olive oil on a low heat in a medium saucepan along with the garlic and chilli flakes. Let the ingredients fuse into the oil for a few minutes

• Stir in the cherry tomatoes and slowly mash them up into the oil, cook for 5-8 minutes on a low heat



• Crumble in the stock cube and season with salt. Break the spaghetti into quarters and place in the saucepan. Pour in the water, stir and bring to a boil



• Cover and simmer for 10-12 minutes, stirring occasionally. You may need to add more water to cook the spaghetti

• Once the spaghetti is done, the sauce will be silky and smooth. Top with some mellow grated Cheddar cheese


11 thoughts on “Cherry Tomato Spaghetti In 15 Minutes

  1. What a great recipe! This is the sort of recipe I like to call ‘Quick, Easy & Good’. In fact, I made a small cookbook for my family and one of the chapters is called ‘Quick, Easy & Good’. Pinning this immediately !

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