A Healthy Coleslaw?? Yes!!! With Yoghurt!


After I had my little one, I always fancied something different to eat. I was pleasantly surprised when my sister-in-law sent her healthy version of coleslaw. Not your typical slaw with mayonnaise but made with refreshing yoghurt and the coriander!!! Oh! the coriander! Gives it an Indian twist which makes it a great accompaniment with Indian food.


I loved it so much that I had to make it and share it! My husband wanted to have something masalafied with it, so requested a spicy chickpea and potato curry. All the flavour combinations married well. A beautiful dinner and most importantly a gorgeous coleslaw from my sister-in-law! Thank you x


1 medium cabbage
2 peeled carrots
small bunch of fresh coriander
500g natural mild yoghurt
Salt to taste
1 Green chilli finely chopped (optional)
½ cup water


• Grate the cabbage and carrots and put into a large mixing bowl, throw in the coriander


• Stir in the yoghurt and water. Season with salt and add chilli at this stage if you wish


• Combine thoroughly until you get a coleslaw consistency


• Chill in the fridge until your ready to serve



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