Gorgeous colour…stunning flavour! A must try x


Roasted Rhubarb

I seem to have lost my cooking mojo recently.  It’s not helped by the fact that we have an ill-designed kitchen, lacking in both storage and work space.  We make the best of it that we can, but rather than be a haven – like some kitchens are, it can quite easily descend into a hellish place, a cauldron of irritation leading all too quickly to stress.  So I thought the best way to ease myself back into some cooking would be to do something simple with something beautiful, and luckily, I had just the thing.  Brightening up a corner of the worktop for the past couple of days have been a few lengths of vibrant, rosy coloured forced rhubarb – a truly joyous sight.  You can make the most of it by cutting it into finger length pieces and roasting it with sugar and a little flavouring, which melts down along with the fruit’s juices into…

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