Preserved Lemons

A gorgeous preserved lemon recipe from the lovely Diana @ Little bits of nice! 🙂



Back a couple of months ago I kept seeing recipes that needed preserved lemons. Do you get that? That suddenly a particular ingredient seems to be everywhere you look? It was crazy. And seeing preserved lemons everywhere got me to crave it in just about everything.

Knowing it was an easy thing to do I decided to try and make my own instead of buying. Obviously this meant waiting to be able to make all those recipes I kept seeing. Could I wait? If there is one thing I am not, is patient. I try my best and I’m getting better…maybe. But I decided that I could do it, I could wait. Because homemade food is awesome right?
And let me tell you, they were worth the wait, every day of it. And now I’ve forgotten what or where I saw all those millions of recipes that made me want…

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