Roasted Chestnuts ~ A Christmas Favourite







My very earliest and fondest memory of Christmas alongside opening a Tiny Tears doll! Is standing in the freezing cold with my family of five on Oxford Street!

Waiting eagerly for the man to hand over a bag of sweet, soft and delectable roasted chestnuts!  How the hot steam would swirl out of the brown paper bag.  Such a welcoming warmth to our frozen fingers! 

I recreated the chestnut memory for my little ones today, but not on Oxford Street but in the comfort of our cozy home!  My very nearly 3 year old son thought they were chocolates and wanted to eat them raw! But I prepared them alongside him and then he took great enjoyment opening them once cooked, to reveal the yellow fleshy kernel!

Such a beautiful day! And more brilliant memories made xxxx

Merry Christmas!
Much love D xxxx

22 thoughts on “Roasted Chestnuts ~ A Christmas Favourite

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  2. It wasn’t a true holiday until the chestnuts, “castagne”, were roasted and brought to the table. I’ve some for tomorrow, too. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your memory with us, Dimple.

  3. I love roasted chestnuts Dimple! I have the fondest memories of them as a child. We used to eat them all the time come late autumn and throughout the winter season. Now my girls love them too!

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