Decadent mint chocolate brownies

One of our favourites at Christmas! You can replace the mint with orange zest for a more festive flavour!

Shivaay Delights


This is the first time I have experimented in making up my very own brownie recipe and I must admit it worked out well! When I follow certain recipes I never get the end result I want so I thought I would figure it out for myself! I was very happy with the result! So heres to more experimenting!

In this brownie you will also get a fiery hint of mint with the velvety chocolate texture that will allure your tongue for more! I’ve cut them into mini squares as they are very decadent and rich, eating a couple will be plenty and this way there is more to go round!!!

I’m bringing them along to Angie’s Fiesta Friday Party..where we all meet up and share our gorgeous food! I hope you all have a sweet tooth today…See you there! Much love D x



200g plain chocolate 70%…

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