The Gift Of Food


Where are you from?  What is your Nationality?  These questions come up time and time again in our lives and all of a sudden I realised as I was about to go to sleep,  that a nationality is merely a label.  Where do we come from? We are all Human and we belong to the human race!  And how are we all connected?

So many theories to delve into, so many people have had their say.  One quote I happened to read recently really summed these different ideologies up ~

“Everyone has two eyes but no one has the same view” Wael Harakeh

The only thing, that I can think of that completely transcends different religions, nationalities, castes, cultures is FOOD. It’s amazing how these fantastic dishes from all over the world continue to spread and are loved by all who consume it!

So the positive thing I think we can take away from this ideology I’ve explored is, as our love of food grows even more and different cuisines are explored via the great channel that is the world wide web.  Maybe, just maybe! we can use this fascination of food to weave our own web of love towards all of mankind! 

Rest in peace Dear Madiba x



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