Don’t reach for packets of instant pasta!


We are having a bit of a pasta phase in this household, which seems to have kicked off earlier in the week.

“Mummy I want pasta please?” translates into I want some pasta NOW please! How impatient are our little babies?!
“Don’t cook the pasta mummy, I want to eat it!” Lol! Everyday gets more and more interesting and fun!

I have to put my hands up to using the instant packet pastas that you add water or milk too, before I had children.  I now find myself quickly boiling some wholegrain brown fusilli for 12 minutes, draining the water though leaving a few tablespoons of the boiled starchy pasta water then adding

• A tsp of olive oil
• A little tomato passata or crushed tomato
• A pinch of dried oregano
• Fresh clove of garlic crushed or garlic granules
•A little paprika or pepper

Stir well to coat all the pasta.  Cook on a low heat for a further 5 minutes.
Serve with some cheese or in our case some pimento olives

The sauce will have penetrated the fusilli and you will also be left with a silky tomato pomodoro sauce

Hope you enjoy your homemade instant pasta! Much love D x


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