An Amazing Pastry Chef! Look At These!


One of the most delicious delicacies I always get to devour every year, thanks to my Aunty N. Either when I visit her or somehow they are passed on to my parents for express delivery! The Ghugra is a flaky pastry encased sweet filling of semolina, coconut, ground nuts and Indian warming spices. Very traditionally made at Diwali but I thought I would share my Aunt’s famous ghugra with you all at Christmas. A lot of skill goes in to making them especially the stunning crimping that my Aunt is brilliant at! Just take a look at the gorgeous pictures ~


My Aunty N, is an amazing baker and cook. I’ve known her since I was born and her family is like a second family to me. I’ve always looked up to her and her family. I used to say to my mum that I wanted to be like her daughter always!

Our Aunt and family have always been there for us. When my mum was having my younger brother she was hospitalized urgently and we stayed with our aunt. I vividly remember her brushing my hair and getting me ready for school.

I just wanted to thank her and her family for what they have done for me over the years and she is truly an inspiration to me and my cooking. Oh! of course I forgot to mention her rock cakes! They too are very much out of this world. I will try and get her to do a guest post for me soon, so you too can see how talented my Aunty N is!


For now I am linking up to a ghugra recipe Ghugras for Christmas ~ but I will try and share my Aunt’s beautiful recipe with you all. But first I have soo much to learn from her! I can’t wait xxxx

Much Love D x


22 thoughts on “An Amazing Pastry Chef! Look At These!

  1. Another traditional treat I *didn’t* know before, but clearly delectable! It’s probably a good thing I didn’t know of them or I’d be as big as an elephant by now, especially if they were as enticingly beautiful as your auntie’s magnificent pastries! πŸ˜€

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