Caramel & banana chocolate slices

A quick sticky sweet banana caramel cake served as slices! A real treat! Enjoy…much love D x

Shivaay Delights


My Bapuji (maternal grandpa) would have just loved these caramel banana slices. He was mad about bananas and would eat them at every chance he got. Having a sweet tooth did cost him in later life as he developed Diabetes, but he was very good at dodging our inquisitive questions on how much sugar he had consumed in the day, when we saw him reach out for something sweet. His typical answer would be “I’ve checked my blood sugar levels and had my tablets so don’t worry!”. I used to find some sweet stuff in his fridge and he always had a good excuse to why it was in there lol!

Sadly Bapuji is no longer with us but his love of bananas inspired me to bake these slices. Caramel topped fresh banana slices on a bed of banana chocolatey sponge. So here’s to you my Grandpa! We are remembering…

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