Lovely lunch courtesy of Yellowscone


Yesterday I came across a post by fellow foodie blogger Karine @ Yellowscone and I was extremely attracted to this poached egg, avocado & tomato dish
I had all the ingredients apart from the thick wholegrain bread so I made it more English by using traditional muffins as the base for this wonderful recipe


From start to finish it took less than 10 minutes and your left with something very special. The colours are first thing you see, the deep red of the cherry tomatoes, the vibrant green of the avocado and the most striking yellow yolk smothering the muffin

Thank you Karine! It was beautiful and your poaching egg technique superb! Can’t wait to read more of your work!



10 thoughts on “Lovely lunch courtesy of Yellowscone

  1. Hi Shivaay. Thanks for the wonderful blog entry and im so happy it worked for you too! Beautiful pictures. I just started my blog and to see my recipes is very exciting! I will thank you on my Twitter account. This gave me an idea; do you want to write a guest blog for my blog page? πŸ˜€

    • Hi Karine
      My pleasure. It’s a beautiful dish and I couldn’t resist! I love eggs!
      A guest blog would be lovely! I’ll work on something. Savoury or sweet? Also you can reblog poached egg your readers can see I’ve made one of your recipes!

      Lovely to be in touch
      Love D x

  2. This is such a pretty dish, Dimple, and you photographed it very well. Love the idea o mixing a runny egg yolk with avocado and tomato. This is a great breakfast, to be sure.

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