29: Wakey Wakey

This post by half moon yoga just spoke to me! Had to share with all you lovely people!
Love D x

half moon yoga

wake upWhen we start our yoga routine we use sun salutations to wake up the body and the mind to the practice to come. It is like a metaphor for the practice of yoga which is to help people wake up to themselves and to be present to their life which has started and is happening right now. Yoga is like a wake up call without the break-down or heart attack. It is the type of discipline that strips away the layers of excuses and barriers and helps people start to see things how they really are.

Here are some ways that we might learn this during our walk on the yoga path.

We may stop looking outside of ourselves for approval, help, advice and start to trust our own innate wisdom.

Instead of feeling that we are a thousand different parts we might start to feel whole again.

We may…

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