Liebster Awards II


All these lovely fellow foodie bloggers nominated me for the “Liebster Award” this month and I wanted to answer all the questions set to me. You all are amazing cooks/bakers and very “Dear” to me! I just love reading your posts and am always inspired by all your gorgeous recipes!

A big thank you to
Cheesy biscuit
Mrs Choux
Transplanted cook
Short and sweet treats

Cheesy biscuit & Transplanted cooks questions were

• What’s the worse food item you’ve ever tasted?
Goats cheese…just not my thing!

• What’s your favourite book?
The Da Vinci Code

• If you could wake up tomorrow somewhere other than where you are right now, where would that be?
In Canada

• Who (or what) makes you laugh?
My husband, he just cracks me up!

• What thing do you do less, that you actually think you should do more often?

• Christmas: yay or nay?
Definitely YAY!

• Favourite quote, or piece of advice?
I have many, I will share this one x


• Marmite or marmalade?

• Rice or couscous?
Love rice

• Favourite thing to do to relax? And, ahem, keep it clean, people…


Mrs Choux asked me

• What inspired you to start blogging?
My husband and my Aunt and her passion for cooking

• What is your signature dish?
I don’t think I really have one, I’m going to work on that lol!

• Which is the one song you could listen to forever?
Sitting at the dock of the bay, Otis Redding

• Who are the three famous people who would grace your table at a dinner party and why?
The Late Princess Diana ~ beautiful person and I adored her
Dalai Lama ~ I love his spiritual wisdom and personality
Bruce Forsythe ~ he reminds me of my grandad

• What’s your favourite dessert?

• Summer or Winter? Which do you prefer?
Summer, can walk out without coats and the light outside lasts longer

• What is your pet hate?
Biting nails

• If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?
Canada, British Columbia, I fell in love with it the first time I visited

• What flavours would you choose for your five tiered wedding cake?
Chocolate, hazelnut, coffee, lime, vanilla


Short and sweet treats questions were ~

• What is your favourite body part?
My eyes

• Why did you start your blog?
Just to record recipes and to connect with like minded foodie people

• What is your job?
Currently a Full time Wife and Mum

• What is your favourite takeaway food?

• Sweet or savory and why?
Savoury, nedd salt more than sugar, always have, love crisps!

• What do you collect?
Nail polishes

• What is your favourite personal possession?
My pearl earrings

• What is your favourite colour?

• Are you left or right handed?
Right handed

• What is your party trick?
A levitation trick, using 3 other people to pick up the fourth just with your fingers

• What is your favourite chocolate, white, milk or dark?

My random facts I will post later but for now “HERE ARE THE NOMINATIONS FOR THE LIEBSTER AWARD, THEY GO TO ~”

Ngan Sequitur
Amal kitchen
Food bod
Sugar and Cinnamon
Selma’s Table
Good food seeking
Bead yarn spatula
Nancy creative

You all have stunning blogs and I thoroughly enjoy reading them and keeping up to date with your individual food journeys. You plus all those I follow continue to inspire me and this in turn drives my passion further! So “Thank you and Congratulations xxxx”

You can answer to any of the 3 sets of questions that were set for me above
the rules are to ~
Include the award photo in your post
Answer the 11 questions you choose to answer
Share 11 other random facts about yourself
Nominate 11 other bloggers for the award (and notify them) and give them 11 questions to answer.

I hope you enjoy taking part as I do, and hope to read more about you all!

Much love D x