Christmassy Tasting Coffee ☆


I am feeling all Christmassy already!  And I just adore this time of year. The lights, the Christmas trees, decorations and most importantly the Food & DrinkTo celebrate with amongst family and friends!

I thought let me get into the mood by making myself a cup of coffee with mixed ground spice.  A scent that starts to capture the Christmas season, through its aroma and taste

Simply make your usual cup of coffee and stir in some mixed spice powder!

I found a beautiful recipe if you want to make fresh ground mixed spice.  I’ll definitely be attempting this as soon as I need to restock!

Recipe for old fashioned mixed spice



36 thoughts on “Christmassy Tasting Coffee ☆

  1. I used to put ground mixed spice in my coffee, but always found it floated on top and went a bit grainy… Now I throw cardamom pods & a cinnamon stick in with everything else in the cafetiere/espresso maker instead…. Delish!

  2. I am a total coffee and tea person…. with light winters setting in here(Mumbai), I’m craving a hot cuppa most of the times! I’m trying this today, sounds delicious.

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