Coconut & Carrot Slices


I’m having a continuous coconut craving at the moment! As you would have seen previously I topped my granola bars with the delightful dessicated stuff!

This morning I made a South Indian spicy ginger, coconut chutney and this afternoon I made these coconut & carrot slices!

I’ve gone coconut mad but it’s ok~


So I’m enjoying it very much! 🙂

This recipe is from Jane Hornby who is a fantastic baker and I just love her baked goodies

I altered the recipe by using dark muscovado sugar than light as suggested. I wanted a more caramel taste to accompany the toasty coconut. So you  will see mine are more brown than Jane’s version

This moreish recipe can be found @

Enjoy! And go coconut crazy!  It’s good for you x