Granola bars with toasted coconut


I keep seeing recipes with oats everywhere and to be honest I haven’t made anything with them since making flapjacks when I was younger! So I thought it was time.

My little ones love dried fruit so I had to use that in the bar. I’m hoping to make up some oaty recipes soon but felt that I should make a recipe tried and tested for now. I chose these granola bars as they looked so tempting! From My Humble Kitchen


I replaced the cranberries with a mixture of dried fruit and wanted a toasted tasting bar so before the sticky granola mixture went in to the oven to be baked I scattered over a whole layer of snowy desiccated coconut. It came out all crunchy and added to this great recipe






Hope you enjoy them! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Much love D x

31 thoughts on “Granola bars with toasted coconut

  1. You’ve convinced me to bake some up myself, Dimple. Your bars look delicious! I too keep seeing recipes and I guess it’s time to taste what I’ve been missing. 🙂

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