Ice In A Pink Paradise…


One of my amazing fellow food bloggers who I hold in very high esteem who has encouraged me from the very beginning of my blogging, has inspired me for this post.  Fae @ Twist and Tango very recently posted a recipe for Ice In Paradise/Yakh Dar Behesht.  A sweet Persian dessert that I fell in love with straight away. I knew I had to make it once I had seen it!

I had all the ingredients to go, apart from the clear rose water but I had a dark pink rose syrup that I used in its place. Which now makes it ice in a pink paradise! I have halved the original recipe, as it’s just for my family!

So beautiful and so very elegant, the creaminess of the diamond chilled delicacy just melts in your mouth. Thank you Fae for introducing me to this gorgeous dessert! And for all your continued love and support! Much love D xxxx



2 cups milk, non dairy option ~ rice/almond milk
50g cornstarch
75g caster sugar
1 tbsp rose syrup
a pinch of ground cardamom


• On a low heat, in a non stick saucepan mix the cornstarch with a wooden spoon into the milk and stir until well combined


• Add the sugar and keep stirring until the sugar dissolves

• Turn up the heat to medium, still consistently stirring. It will thicken up quite quickly and at this stage pour in the rose syrup and cardamom


• Keep mixing to avoid it sticking and becoming lumpy. Once it reaches a custard consistency, take off the heat. Set it in a shallow plate or dish


• Place in the fridge for a few hours until firm and chilled

• Garnish with ground pistachio and cut with a sharp knife into diamond shapes






Fae’s beautiful recipe

74 thoughts on “Ice In A Pink Paradise…

  1. This looks wonderful! Rose-colored and rose-flavored – fit for a princess. I’m so happy I discovered your blog and look forward to reading more great posts 🙂 Thanks to Fae for connecting us with her inspiration!

  2. Gorgeous. I loved Fae’s post and now seeing yours I think this might actually be doable! I absolutely love the combination of cardamom and pistachios. I think i’ll be doing this very soon!

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  6. Reblogged this on Shivaay Delights and commented:

    I am missing dear Fae @ twist & she cant make it to the party today I thought I would bring one of her beautiful dishes that I made to the Fiesta Friday party over at the lovely angies!

    Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did…forever grateful to the fabulous

  7. This looks beautiful. I’m not keen on rosewater but I love the method used – It’s something I haven’t tried before and I could always experiment with the flavourings.

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