An instant late lunch bhel snack


I still had some tangy hot green chutney left over from this morning and after our long walk in the park, we were famished!

As I treated my husband to breakfast he took on the lunch task.  Within 10 minutes whilst I was playing with the boys I found myself being handed a plate of crunchy munchy bhel! With cooked potato and all! 

Ready made Indian snacks put together with coriander, onion, lemon and spices and most importantly coated in the chutney from this morning 🙂

I’ve just finished a bowl full! I’m about to have a second round. I’m loving my Sunday so far! Hope you are too x

11 thoughts on “An instant late lunch bhel snack

    • Me too! But I’m still amazed how many different varieties keep making an appearance! Recently I was lucky to have a really spicy lentil, sev and watermelon seeds Indian snack! Watermelon seeds? Who would have thought! It was really gooooood! 🙂

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