Annakut Food Ceremony to see in the Hindu New Year!


The Hindu New Year is a time of reflection, resolution and giving thanks. It is an occasion which is traditionally celebrated with the Annakut which literally translates into “a mountain of food”

Hindus offer hundreds of different vegetarian food items to thank God for his providence over the past year and to seek blessings for the year ahead. This is in continuation of when Lord Krishna urged the people of Gokul to offer thanksgiving to nature (in the form of Mount Govardhan) for all its gracious bounty.

That is why you shall see that the food dishes are set up in a mountain arrangement to represent the story of Mount Govardhan. This would definitely be an absolutely fantastic site for anyone but for a food blogger or writer and especially a vegetarian one OMG! they would be in their own foodie heaven. From sweet to savoury treats to main components of a meal and all eggless, onion and garlic less!

I thought I would share some pictures to take you all to this wonderful ceremony that is celebrated around the world in thousands of temples and in Hindu homes.





These amazing pictures are from various BAPS Temples around the World

Diwali or Deepavali

Diwali in India ….beautifully written and portrayed by Anne x


Look at these glorious images with all the Indian colors. In a few hours, my Indian friends will begin their celebration !  Happy Diwali! 



Celebration of Light with candles twinkling in the winter night! Welcome to the biggest Indian festival, lasting for five days, and filled with  color and joy. . .  .Diwali.  The candles make me think of Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, White Dog Festival ( Iroquois Native American Festival)  and Christmas…..light in the winter darkness. Diwali began as a religious festival  to celebrate good overcoming evil, but today it is celebrated by most Indians regardless of religion as a beginning of the New Year.  It is the beginning of the Hindu calendar year and is the celebration of blessings, life, and family.  It is as important in India as Christmas is in the United States.

Preparations begin with shopping: Ah , the vibrant Indian colors. . . . .

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