Tomatoes for me!


Tomatoes are now very popular in our house as I know they were when my Mum was pregnant with me. At work all she craved was slices of fresh acidic tomato seasoned with lots of salt and pepper. This kept her going through her pregnancy and then I came along.

Also known to love tomatoes I think this love of tomato inheritance as moved onto another generation! My son adores them and my Mum always treats him to some sweet mini plum tomatoes that he devours and will choose over chocolate or sweets anyday!


This recipe I have made throughout my teenage years when I wanted something a little refreshing for breakfast in the mornings. A poached egg accompanies it when I wish to have a richer meal!

If you like tomatoes you will love this! Also extremely healthy compared to fried tomatoes…do let me know what you think! Enjoy…


1 juicy red tomato
1 slice of whole grain bread
Sprinkling of dried coriander
Salt to taste


• Boil the tomato for 7-10 minutes until the skin starts to peel off and tomato is tender


• Meanwhile lightly butter a slice of bread and pan fry it on both sides so it is nice and toasty


• De-skin the tomato carefully and paste the tomato flesh onto the toast. Season with salt and the dried coriander


11 thoughts on “Tomatoes for me!

  1. When I was pregnant I craved fresh cucumbers… I could eat 4-5 of them at one go…:)
    This idea of pulped tomato on a crisp slice of bread is very appealing… never thought of it. Will surely try.

  2. Very nice Dimple. I love tomatoes in my sandwich..just yum. Another way that I make the similar kind is. After all the steps that you have done, just sauté in little butter with salt and butter and then use it as a spread. Yours is healthier :).
    Once in Switzerland, in the hotel that we stayed, they had another delicious way of just tomatoes. Beef tomatoes halved and grilled in oven with cheese sprinklings :). Yum!

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