Comforting Cocoa For One…


I do love chocolate milk and when Shanna @ Curls and Carrots posted her cocoa recipe I started craving it more than ever!

This evening was the best time to sit down with Shanna’s gorgeous mug of cocoa. We had enjoyed a wonderful day at my cousin’s engagement ceremony. Had a very rich and filling lunch which was amazing! But has left me nearly full. So…I decided it was cocoa time! Just to end the day on a sweet cozy note…zzzzz

And yes I made it just for myself! 🙂


1 mug milk
1 tbsp heaped cocoa
1 tbsp caster sugar
Pinch of cinnamon
Tiny drizzle of almond extract


• Heat the milk and whisk in the sugar and cocoa

• As the milk begins to warm add the cinnamon and almond extract

• Keep whisking for a few minutes and then pour into your mug. Don’t share you’ve made it only for yourself!

Recipe by Shanna! It is absolutely divine x


12 thoughts on “Comforting Cocoa For One…

  1. I feel SO honored to have connected with you and your family though delicious food. Your hot cocoa recipe is perfected and lovely. I will refer to it moving forward. 🙂 Thank you for sharing a little of your culinary adventures with us.

    On a side note: Your recipes are divine. Indian-Italian-Mexican Fusion… Everything a gal or girl could ever want.

    Also, your photos continue to improve and your photography skills to develop – you have a gift. Stick with it.

    xo Shanna

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